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Sun Lounge Lintels

Sun Lounge Family

Sun Lounge Lintel Range

  • 5 Sided Sun Lounge Lintel
  • Bow Sun Lounge Lintel
  • Apex Sun Lounge Lintel
  • Square Bay Sun Lounge Lintel
  • Venetian Arch Sun Lounge Lintel

The Acier Sun Lounge Lintel is an easy way to add space at a low cost when building a new house, or extending a property.A Sun Lounge …

  • is an integral part of your home – not a ‘bolt on’ extra
  • blends and enhances the external aesthetics of your home
  • gives excellent heat retention in winter
  • provides protection from the blazing summer sun
  • is more competitively priced than a conservatory

The construction of a Sun Lounge has been simplified by the introduction of a Acier Lintel. It is a one piece unit which removes the need for local engineering, allows architects to design the Sun Lounge to suit the property, and will keep the cost sensible. The Acier Sun Lounge Lintel is designed and delivered ready for erection.

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